End Financial Headaches – Get Permit Payments Up Front
Written by Alie Griffiths

End Financial Headaches – Get Permit Payments Up Front

21st October 2020

How many times have you wanted to go ahead with the authorisation of permits for an event or filming, but your finance team are not set up to give you access to the invoicing side of the system?

So you end up with money being owed for the project and are always trying to chase down the outstanding debt. It’s certainly a familiar dilemma for any local government office wanting to issue authorisation permits for filming or an event.

Fortunately with FilmApp and EventApp, the need to constantly push the client for finance is removed as everything can be paid upfront – which means more time to focus on other things. FilmApp and EventApp have been designed to allow for payment on submission, so applicants can pay either a fixed or variable fee before the application reaches the admin.

One of the big advantages of both the apps is that they include an in-built invoicing system, which allows for invoices to be raised and monitored easily. Notifications are sent immediately to administrators once payments are made, so permits can be raised as soon as the revenue is received. The need to provide confirmations and receipts of payment to applicants are removed, as they are all fully automated processes carried out by the apps.

With multiple finance reports available, you’ll be able to extract all your financial information from the apps with just a few simple clicks, making it easy to monitor your revenue and productivity.

Patience is sometimes needed when chasing payments but with FilmApp and EventApp the ability to secure payments up-front takes some of the strain out of the financial side of film and event permit authorisations.


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