Cloud based permitting

Apply4 is the permitting platform of choice in the UK and USA.

Our inexpensive cloud-based systems enable you to streamline your application process, significantly increase your income and reduce costs.


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Provide an excellent service

Streamline your permitting processes, manage more applications and reduce costs. Customers apply and make payments online at the same time, enabling you to issue permits as soon as the application has been approved.

Messaging and document management tools help you manage queries and communicate with ease.

Enjoy excellent stakeholder relations

Our systems store contacts of all relevant stakeholders, allowing you to notify them at the touch of a button. Residents and other stakeholders tend to support filming and events more when they are consulted in the process.

Demonstrate excellent value

Our cloud-based applications are provided on a subscription basis, or free to you and funded at low cost by your applicants. Launch reports to prove improved efficiency and increased revenue with just a few clicks.