Everything You Always Wanted to Know About FilmApp *But Were Afraid to Ask
Written by Alie Griffiths

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About FilmApp *But Were Afraid to Ask

19th March 2021
In case you’re new to FilmApp let’s start with the essentials. FilmApp is a cloud-based permitting system which allows city and local authorities to move their film and event application processes online – simply and inexpensively.


It’s key benefit is to ensure clear and easy communication between applicants, reviewers and stakeholders. FilmApp saves time and creates efficiencies by having all the information in one place for authorised access-holders to review and provide feedback on.


It’s also simple and easy to use, cost-effective and quick to set up. The whole business of applying for and authorizing filming becomes much easier to monitor and manage, allowing cities and local authorities to increase capacity and revenue.


That’s the topline briefing – and the sales pitch! But it might be useful to dig down into some of the finer details that give FilmApp a competitive edge.


FilmApp provides a customisable landing page for your authority which allows you to provide initial information as well as all useful documentation. The application form used within FilmApp is the industry-standard, already used by some of the largest film and production offices in the world. This template is being constantly improved based on feedback and reviews from clients. But there’s still plenty of scope for customisation so you can collect the specific information you need.


FilmApp is a great way to assign projects too. The system lets members pass applications to nominated team members to manage, so workloads can be spread and easily monitored. As well as the ability to create admins, part of the beauty of FilmApp is that you also grant others access to the system. Different permission levels allow for Read-Only access, or the use of specific sections of FilmApp or applications. You decide who gets to see what, and you set your permissions accordingly.


If you need to filter applications by reference number, reviewer, application status or date, FilmApp will let you do that. You can also manage your locations within FilmApp to provide applicants and admins with location-specific information. Another handy feature is the ability to manage your contacts for messaging within the app. Communication is speeded up because you’re able to link contacts to locations, making it quick and easy to identify whoever needs to be contacted. Contacts can also be grouped together, further speeding up the messaging process.


FilmApp also lets you customise all of your automated messages. For example, you can send out specially-customised notifications once an application is submitted, or when an invoice has been sent to request payment. And we should add that the customer invoices and permits themselves are all fully-customisable.


If you need any more information or would like a demo, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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