Miami-Dade Embraces FilmApp to Streamline Film Permit Process
Written by Alie Griffiths

Miami-Dade Embraces FilmApp to Streamline Film Permit Process

1st December 2023

Miami-Dade has joined the likes of Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Tempe and Seattle in the United States in embracing FilmApp to revolutionise its film permit process. Famed for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse range of locations, Miami-Dade is taking a major stride to bolster its support for the film and broadcast production industries.

Miami-Dade’s integration with FilmApp solidifies its position as a vital player in the United States’ cinematic landscape. FilmApp doesn’t just simplify administrative procedures but also fosters seamless communication between filmmakers and local authorities, ensuring a more efficient and satisfying experience for all stakeholders involved.

With Miami-Dade now onboard, FilmApp eagerly anticipates the city’s cinematic potential blossoming, while affording filmmakers a streamlined and effective avenue to transform their creative visions into reality. In a world where the film community increasingly values streamlined permitting processes, Miami-Dade is poised to make a significant impact on the industry, both within its region and on a global scale.

Greg Schwanzl Managing Director of Apply4 added, “Miami-Dade’s adoption of FilmApp marks a significant leap forward in modernising the film permit process, and we’re excited to be part of this transformative journey. It’s a win-win for filmmakers and local authorities alike, and we look forward to helping Miami-Dade shine on the cinematic stage.”


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