Apply4 Event Management Award
Written by Alie Griffiths

Apply4 Event Management Award

17th October 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Apply4 Technology’s EventApp has scooped a nomination from Martech Outlook magazine, as one of the Top Five Event Management solutions companies for 2021.

MarTech Outlook, covers recent trends in innovative technologies and solutions for CMO’s and C Suite executives across the Europe, the USA and APAC, with an industry overview that makes it ideally qualified to select its shortlist of winners.

The Martech Outlook editorial team introduced the award by looking at the tech developments that have now become the ‘new normal.’ While many live streaming applications such as YouTube zoom and MS teams have risen as beneficial transmitters of live event feeds, they fail, however, to fill the gap for full-service virtual experience and platform management.

Event management tech firms have come a long way in addressing these problems by creating services and delivery solutions that allow hybrid event creation and participation with the same fanfare of an actual event. The digitalization approach helps these companies extend the scope of their programmes and expanded new and wider audiences through web based streaming platforms while saving on expenses such as venue management catering and more.

Today more people are inclined towards these platforms as they are cost efficient and highly beneficial. Furthermore, the introduction to virtual event platforms is rapidly growing, enabling users from different locations to remain connected through the Internet, which offers flexibility to the users.”

Martech Outlook, personnel worked extensively studying the trends of the event management space and identifying those technology vendors within inert expertise in event management process digitalization. The innovative applications allow event organisers to create any type of event for online streaming and deliver engaging experiences to audiences. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

Film app CEO Karen Everett elaborated: “The permit application process behind organising events have always been time consuming. Especially with the administrative functions, permissions and follow ups associated with them. But not anymore. Apply 4 identified the need to speed up this process and found the solution by developing an online permit application system to manage the workflow.”

Everett explained how the software works to streamline and simplify the application processes: “Each of the event companies’ applications is stored in a virtual workroom. From these workrooms messages can be sent, invoices generated, reminders added, and reviewers assigned. Our systems feature built-in calendars, document storage and reporting, along with databases for locations in contacts. Everything in EventApp is organised and designed to make the life of an administrator easier, ensuring nothing is ever missed. That level of clarity makes EventAPP a preferred partner for its clients.”

Everett was quick to point out the organisation plans to grow its development team to meet the rising demands for their products. Currently they are in the UK, USA and New Zealand. Everett said: “We have always been at the forefront of permitting software, and this is set to continue as we position ourselves technologically to meet the growing domestic and international need for EventApp.”

Karen summed up: “With EventApp, the company allows the city and local authorities to move their permit application process is online simply and inexpensively.”


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