The problem with multiple location agencies…
Written by Hugh Sharma

The problem with multiple location agencies…

17th January 2020

Having a couple of options is good, having a wide range of options is better. But what happens when there’s too many options and navigating them is more of a pain than pleasure.

Location agencies are popping up all the time, every day a google search yields a different number. A lot of these businesses are excellent, some of them have been around for a long time and are tried and tested favourites in the field. You might have excellent long standing relationships with one of two and recent good experiences with others. Regardless of this, when you are looking for a location, particularly a unique and challenging one, it can be a minefield.

Some location agencies have exclusivity with owners, but these days that level of loyalty is hard to come by. More often than not, you will find the same locations, perhaps from a different angle, on multiple agency websites. You might spend hours on one site and find a location that is perfect in almost every way, but misses a small necessity. Then you have to start the process all over again with the next website. More frustratingly, you may opt for a less than perfect location after scouring multiple sites because you are out of time. A total slap in the face when you find out the perfect location did exist whilst trawling yet another different site further down the line for a different job.

These frustrations are all daily, if not weekly occurrences that eat up too much of your already limited time. What if there was a way round it? What if you only had to go to one place to find all the locations out there?

In this day and age, there should be a centralised point for you to search through multiple agencies locations. We have airbnb, picture desk and numerous other examples of good quality tech allowing users to save time by working from a centralised platform. These platforms go further than just benefitting the end users, they offer the clients who join them multiple benefits too. If you have a house, but only limited space to advertise with minimal exposure, you won’t be reaping the benefits of bookings. Take that house and put it alongside other houses in a large space with international exposure, you will reap more benefits despite sharing the space with others. Especially if you have something to offer that’s slightly unique.

The tech platforms that exist today offer users the ability to search like-for-like options. You can go beyond key words and use one search result to fine tune the next ones. Imagine if you could upload a picture of your perfect location and be given multiple options that are similar. Or if you could cut and paste a small part of a location you’ve already found and find others that are similar to that smaller space?

This technology now exists. LocationDB is slowly and surely becoming the one stop shop for location managers. A gateway to the locations of multiple agencies from one single platform, effectively the Picture desk / Airbnb of the location world. Location managers can now log in, use keywords, or better still an uploaded picture of their own, and see results from multiple agencies in one space. They can crop locations to find other options, refine searches by choosing one that’s closer each time to the dream. A shortlist combined of numerous agencies can be saved and emailed to another in a single click. Finally, if you have good relationships with certain agencies already, you can set preferences to see their options first.

Why continue to waste time on numerous sites when you only have to go to one? Why should the locations world be harder to navigate than booking accommodation? Simple – it shouldn’t.

Click here to give LocationDB a go today.


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