Summer 2022 Update
Written by Alie Griffiths

Summer 2022 Update

1st September 2022

Our newest addition to the FilmApp fold is Broward County in South East Florida.

Broward is the second most populous county in the state and offers a spectacular range of diverse locations, including the popular Fort Lauderdale. Head to Broward for tropical beaches, western towns, city skylines, art deco buildings, farms and inland waterways. You’ll also find the exotic Everglades, a lighthouse, waterfront mansions, and even a mountain.

It’s a combination that makes Broward a sought-after filming location, which has doubled-up for Buenos Aires, Texas, the Australian outback, Kentucky, and stretches of the Amazon River (amongst many others…). Famous films shot in Broward County include Midnight Cowboy, Cape Fear, Donnie Brasco and There’s Something About Mary to name a few.


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