Annual Customer Survey
Written by Alie Griffiths

Annual Customer Survey

14th December 2022

We have just completed our Annual Customer Survey, and we’re delighted to report that we got a great number of responses, and best of all you were very generous with what you told us.

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but sometimes it can be useful to hear from other users in their own words. Because who doesn’t like sense-checking things against a customer review?

We asked you to say if you would recommend us to a friend. And then we asked you to explain why?

Here’s a selection of the kind words you told us:


Easy to Use

Lots of you loved the fact that EventApp is easy to use:

“I really like FilmApp. It’s easy to use from an admin perspective and the support team are great.”

“The event organisers we work with generally find it easy to use.”

“The service provided is intuitive, with a logical and easy to grasp UI. It can benefit any organisation to have a ‘one-stop shop’ service for processing applications and for managing the various different applications for filming or events in a certain area.”

“EventApp makes it a lot easier to go through the consultation period with our SAG and allows event organisers to answer any questions directly.”

“It genuinely is such a smooth process when using FilmApp, not only on our side but for the applicant too. The technical support that we receive is also incredibly quick and efficient but with a human touch.”

“Apply4 makes film processing so easy for me as a staff person who has more than just film permits to be concern with. I like the ease of review, communicating with the applicant and everyone impacted by the process. I like that payment can be processed in the system and that we can do additional invoicing through the system. Finally, the reduction of paper in our office has been wonderful as well, not having to print the permit and having access to it in the system as well as the reporting is a great plus for us as we are continuing to reduce paper as an organization.”

“System works amazingly and gives organisers a more streamlined process. Hugh is wonderful to work with and is always happy to help!”


Support Team

There was lots of love for our always-responsive and efficient team:

“Hugh and his team are kind, responsive and keen to grow. They take on questions and feedback graciously.”

“User friendly software and a team that is constantly finding new ways to improve it.”

“Fantastic customer service, great response time, continued updates and support.”

“The customer service is outstanding!”

“Excellent team behind the software and great support at all times.”


Customer Service

Many of you said how you value the levels of service around the product:

“Easy to use/navigate system for both customer and us. Online payment service is brilliant too. Always excellent customer service.”

“We have really enjoyed our time with Apply4, the level of attention and feedback is great. We really feel like we are part of the development process and always working toward improvements. Excellent customer service.”

“Great customer service, FilmApp is very user friendly and the price is right!”


Vital For Our Business

Here’s how you summed up the value to your business:

“Our business is run through Apply4’s software, we could not manage without it. As today’s workforce is increasingly working remotely, a robust and secure cloud based permit approval process is essential.”

“My organisation has looked at other systems and EventApp was the most suitable and is good value for money. Your team are also always available, helpful and adapt the system if you can. You have a good attitude!”

“Using the Apply4 FilmApp system has made processing film permit applications less time consuming and easier to manage for our county and 13 cities. Coordinating services efficiently and consistently across all jurisdictions is possible by using this platform. Our county unanimously agreed to support using this system and it directly supports our efforts to provide public services in a more agile and innovative way.”

“EventApp is a very good portal and is also under constant improvement, often from user feedback. Great support too.”

“Event app has streamlined the events process at TDC. The Apply 4 Team are extremely responsive and adapt and make changes to make the experience easier and suitable for our needs as a council. I highly recommend the system.”

“The system is essential for how we work. Whilst at Hackney we don’t use it exactly as intended and have to use some work arounds, it does what we need it to. There is no meaningful competition for Filmapp either.”

“We find the application excellent for speeding up the process of getting all the information we need to consider a request and we find it very useful to be able to charge small administration fees quickly and easily.”

“This is a very easy way of keeping all information and relevant conversations together for sign off. Also very useful to refer to previous years.”

“Easy to use, keeps information in one place.”

“Could not manage without it.”


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