Made by filmmakers for filmmakers. Filmapp is the global industry standard in online film permitting

FilmApp allows city and local authorities to take their film application online simply and inexpensively.

Our cloud-based application makes it easier for productions to work with local residents, the police and local authorities.

It makes the whole process of applying and authorising filming permits easy.


Local government administrators

Reduce your workload and increase your revenues.

With Filmapp’s streamlined process you can offer a one-stop-service to filmmakers across all your various departments from police through to cashiers.

This means you can attract bigger budget filmmakers to your area.

Using the easy-use software you can follow all the required steps for permit approvals and notifications with the minimum of effort.

The system includes reminders and prompts for missing information so you keep on top of every permit application.

And all documents and messages are stored in virtual workrooms, so everything’s organised and can be viewed by all relevant contacts.


Location Managers

Apply for and receive permits online.

Submit your applications online using the the step-by-step guided process.

Auto-fill options are there to help you complete your applications and avoid unnecessary repetition if you’re applying for multiple permits or shoots at the same location.

Finally upload documents, make payments and receive confirmations all through the same system.

As a result, avoid unnecessary friction with local stakeholders and residents and get filming underway sooner.

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What our clients say…


“Huntington Beach loves FilmApp. Not only does FilmApp allow for 24/7 support for film permit applicants, its software has allowed us to streamline our process. This helps us to complete more applications in a timely manner and has allowed us to market Huntington Beach as the most film friendly city in California!” Max Daffron, City of Huntington Beach, CA

Why Filmapp?

  • Attract bigger budget filmmakers and improve neighbourhood engagement
  • Prove increased efficiency and revenues using the easy-to-run reports
  • Demonstrate value of film making in your streets and subsidies made to filmmakers
  • Notify stakeholders, generate invoices, accept payments, issue permits and generate reports all in one place
  • View all updates and payments immediately in real-time
  • Use time-saving features such as messaging, calendars, reminders and document management to organise your workload and projects
  • Maintain notes on film-sensitive neighbourhoods or special conditions for filmmakers

Cloud based

  • Cloud based. No need for IT support or software upgrades
  • Data is secure
  • Simple and highly cost-effective.

"In FilmApp I can check on resident consultation, police notification, health and safety requirements and all the other issues involved, at a glance. Holding records centrally, like this, across all locations is fantastic."

Location Manager