Invite a surge of new bookings with eventapp

With more events being planned, it’s crucial that city and local authorities provide a simple online service to manage the applications. EventApp is inexpensive and easy to supply, turning around applications more efficiently than ever before. EventApp guides applicants through the simple process, removing paper forms altogether. By pre-empting queries from the applicant and providing support, the workload for event officers is dramatically reduced. For each booking, all supporting documents are uploaded and stored in the one place.

EventApp helps the applicant and the administrators communicate with each other and with other stakeholders quickly and efficiently.

Milestones are set to meet deadlines and every action is tracked and recorded. You can automatically generate invoices, online payment requests and conditional agreements. Venue profiles and contacts are stored inside the system as well. And all the data is there to create reports at the click of a button.

Stakeholders such as police and safety advisory groups can view event calendars, event information and supporting documents. The system is entirely web- based requiring no installation, it’s accessed by standard web browsers, and it’s automatically updated.


  • Go online at low cost
  • License more community and corporate events
  • Intuitive system for first-time events planners
  • All supporting documents in one place
  • No IT support needed
  • Automatic upgrades


  • Tailored to your authority’s specific needs
  • Increased revenues proven and reported automatically
  • Access and payment from anywhere via mobile devices
  • View realtime data and activity across all events

"EventApp has ensured that against a background of continuous transformation, Bristol continues to support and monitor over 450 event applications each year. It is easy to learn and to train others to use and quickly became essential. It has become central to our ability to communicate effectively with our stakeholders and customers, and to encourage a progress towards online applications."

Arts and Events Manager – Bristol City Council