Revolutionise Events Permitting in your city with EventApp

With an ever increasing number of events being planned, city authorities need an efficient service to manage permit applications

EventApp helps applicant and administrator by streamlining the entire application and approval process.

It also provides an easy way to communicate and share information with relevant stakeholders and safety advisory groups.



With EventApp you can turn around permit applications faster and reduce your workload at the same time.  Therefore you’ll be able to issue more permits and bring in more revenue.

The user-friendly interface shows all documents and email conversations in one virtual workroom.  You can see the whole application at a glance and keep track every detail of the application.  The system includes reminders and alerts to keep you on schedule.

Using the messaging function you can share documents and information instantly with your colleagues in other departments, or  with other agencies or external stakeholders.

In addition, to stay on top of payments you can forward invoices to the correct contact and be sure they’ve been paid.

Finally  the reporting tools let you run your reports easily for monitoring your revenue and productivity


Event managers/organisers

With our system you can forget the paper forms and save time and effort as well.

The intuitive interface, guides you through the process and enables you to quickly apply for your permits while auto-fill options speed up the process even further.

Once you’ve made your application the system helps you get fast responses from the administrator handling your application.

You can make changes to your event details or upload new documents.  The system keeps track of all changes and ensures things stay on track and you get your permits when you need them.

With EventApp you can also make payments online instead of visiting payment windows or using paper  to save you even more time.

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What our clients say…


”Apply4’s EventApp and FilmApp has changed the way we permit events at the City of Roswell. This system has cut our permitting time in half and gives us the opportunity to work more closely with each organiser or production team that comes to the city. It is user friendly and makes communication between the organiser and city liaisons easy and effective.” Christine Ward, Special Events Manager, City of Roswell, Georgia


“In Kent, they have taken this one step further and used EventApp to unify their SAG groups way of working. Numerous people from multiple agencies are able to log in, view the relevant documents and contact the right people directly. “Having recently taken over Safety Advisory Group responsibilities it’s great to be using EventApp as it brings all the varied elements into one place taking care of much of the organisation and co-ordination between partners.”  Terry Hughes, Community Safety Manager, Kent County Council

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Why EventApp?

  • Store all venue profiles and contacts as well as all stakeholder contact details
  • Track all projects with transparency 
  • Handle invoices, payment requests and agreements all in one place
  • Work across multiple departments or external  stakeholders such as community advisory groups or local residents 
  • Use time-saving features such as messaging, calendars, reminders and document management to organise your workload
  • View all documents and messages held in virtual workrooms and share across all stakeholders

Cloud based

  • Cloud based. No need for IT support or software upgrades
  • Data is secure
  • Simple and highly cost-effective

"EventApp has ensured that against a background of continuous transformation, Bristol continues to support and monitor over 450 event applications each year. It is easy to learn and to train others to use and quickly became essential. It has become central to our ability to communicate effectively with our stakeholders and customers, and to encourage a progress towards online applications."

Arts and Events Manager – Bristol City Council