Support Videos

Below are the support videos for the Apply4 system.

Each of the videos will provide a short tutorial for applicants, detailing how to use the system (system-wide video) or focusing on a topic specific to FilmApp or EventApp.

Creating an Apply4 Technology Account.

This video will guide you through the steps necessary to create and verify an account on the Apply4 system.

System-Wide Video

Submitting your application

This video will explain the steps needed to submit your application, and the most common reasons why applications can’t yet be submitted.

System-Wide Video

Help, I can’t find my application

A video helping applicants locate applications and detailing the ‘archiving’ function of the system.

System-Wide Video

Where to find your permit

A video explaining how you can locate a permit issued to you through the Apply4 system.

System-Wide Video

Uploading documents to a locked application

A video explaining how applicants can still upload documents to applications in review.

System-Wide Video

Start to Finish – Submitting an EventApp Application

A compete guide to creating and submitting an EventApp application.

EventApp Video

Help, I can’t submit my application

A guide for applicants, detailing the steps needed to be able to submit an application on the system.

System-Wide video

Uploading documents to your application

A guide of the document upload function of the Apply4 system

System-Wide Video

Support Documents

Alongside our Support Videos, please find our useful documents for further guidance on the Apply4 system.

A PDF guide on how to change the password on your Apply4 account.

A PDF guide on uploading documents to applications that have already been submitted.