Back in July, at the lovely Latitude festival, I met with David Martinez and Elaine Wong from Raindance Film Festival. We were showing a bunch of films as part of Screen Suffolk’s youth engagement programme. They asked if I would be prepared to talk about Location management, as part of their “industry forum”, a set of workshops to help independent film makers understand about the location department can contribute to a film.
I went along to the Vue in Leicester Sq at around 10am on 23 Sept, it was pretty busy, there are a lot of independent film makers in London. It seems that many of the attendants knew what a location manager does, but they wanted to understand the “tricks of the trade”. My talk was about good practice and bad practice, how to save money, and how to maximise the screen value of a location.
The questions after the talk were interesting, I was keen to tell scriptwriters not to allow their creativity to be stifled by the practical demands of the location dept. They should allow themselves free rein, and make the director and producer sort out the challenges. We dipped into case studies and I did waffle on about my 20 years on the road – back when you took a satchel of 10p coins to use in phone boxes, and spent a lot of time at snappy snaps waiting for photos to develop. It did make me feel a bit old….
Anyway – here are the slides. Enjoy!
FilmFixer – Raindance presentation Sept 23