VenueApp – Efficient room booking and facilities management coming soon!

Apply4 Technology are currently planning to create a simple to use venue booking process.

We want applicants to see immediately which venues are available and which are booked, and to be able to select the various “extras” (such as AV equipment, refreshments or seating plans) at the time of booking.

The entire payment process is built in so that credit card payment requests can be generated and paid automatically.

The idea is that each enquiry and each job is kept in a separate “workroom” just like all products built on the Apply4 platform. VenueApp allows the applicant to request changes, and the admin to allow changes to bookings, or decline, if the change is not possible.

We anticipate releasing VenueApp in 2018-19.


  • Applicants can see what rooms are available at the time of booking
  • Messaging, documents and notes are kept in one place
  • Work colleagues can share information
  • Income increases, stress is reduced


  • Online Payment
  • Cloud based, continuous improvement
  • Automatic data capture
  • Documents like room set up orders can be generated and sent automatically

Apply4 Technology is currently examining a proposal to create a room booking system.

Apply4 Technology