Fresher pitch booking – with marketsapp

MarketsApp is in development as a pilot project for UK local councils, taking applications for market pitches online in a simple and inexpensive way. MarketsApp allows traders to book and pay for their pitches online, even from a mobile phone or tablet. Market managers handle background checks and processing, all within the system.

We expect this system to revolutionise market management, just as FilmApp and EventApp have for film and events management by local authorities. MarketsApp prompts traders through their application, handles all the supporting documents, consults relevant stakeholders, takes payment online, and issues the permit at the press of a button.

All the documentation is kept in one place. And, if a trader seeks a pitch in another local market, they can apply through their existing profile – without having to fill out their details all over again. Once payment is received, a permit can be issued including a barcode and serial number, along with a photo and identity details.

Reports can be generated, activity monitored, and records maintained, all automatically. Market officers can access up to date information, from mobile devices if need be, to help them check the validity of permits, such as agreed commodities and food licences.

Traders can log in any time to check their status, extend a booking and pay for the extra time, view or upload supporting documents or request a change to their details. They can also ask for email reminders when their licence fee is next due. The prototype is currently in development, we expect to go live soon.


  • Go online at low cost
  • License more market traders
  • Handle background checks within the system
  • Traders manage multiple stalls through one account
  • No IT support needed
  • Automatic upgrades


  • Tailored to your authority’s specific needs
  • Increased revenues proven and reported automatically
  • Access and payment from anywhere via mobile devices
  • View realtime data and activity across all markets

"Taking the system online will simplify things for our hundreds of traders, as well as the market officers and managers who are handling their licences."

Southwark Council